Fake Cheat for Trendy Game Fortnite Hides Bitcoin-Targeting Spyware

A supposed cheat for the massively video game that is popular Fortnite happens to be malware created to take bitcoin wallet login details.

That's based on Malwarebytes Labs, which reported finding the system that is harmful Oct. 2.

A study by the cybersecurity firm that is califonia-based followed a path from one of numerous dubious videos posted on YouTube that led to a "little slice of data theft malware disguised as a cheat tool,"  it said.

The YouTube account propagating the file using a Address within the description has over 700 customers, based on the report, while the video clip have been seen over 2,200 times.

Once clicked, the link takes the visitor/potential victim to a page asking them to subscribe to the YouTube account, after which they are allowed to download the tool that is fake.

The team found that the spyware was built to take data from users' PCs which range from web browser text that is autocomplete Steam sessions, and eventually sends the ill-gotten info to an I.P. target in the Russian Federation.

Of concern to cryptocurrency users, in addition actively seeks data connected to bitcoin wallets – with one image provided in the report that displays the spyware particularly seeks out data regarding the Electrum wallet.

Whilst the spyware it self likely is not new, the company warns it can nevertheless be damaging to those who do the installation.

"Combining it with all the fever that is present new Fortnite content is just a recipe for taken data and plenty of cleaning required afterward," the company says.

Source: CoinDesk.com

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