What is Big Data?

what is big data

Big Data” is literally just a lot of data. While it’s more of a marketing term than anything, the implication is usually that you have so much data that you can’t analyse all of the data at once because the amount of memory(RAM) it would take to hold the data in memory to process and analyse it is greater than the amount of available memory

Today, big data platform, big data analysis, big data applications have been developed in full swing. Our life is almost surrounded by various images, sounds, videos and other data.

Have you ever had such a confusion: what is big data? How do I use big data in today’s life?

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We certainly will not get the answer from here. Because the big data is comprehensive, complete and systematically. He let us from the sampling, the local data to rescue, through a large number of data on the over statistics, find the bottom of the data implied meaning, for our services. It is in life safety, network security, marketing and other aspects of cut a striking figure, and gradually play an increasingly important role.

This is indeed the era of BIG DATA revolution. Whether it is healthcare, IT, Industrial, Manufacturing, Food Corporations, Agriculture or any large scale or small scale industries, there are terabytes and petabytes of data generated each day. The daily functioning of all the companies in all sectors relies on the extracting meaningful information from structured and unstructured

Jobs in Big Data

While Hadoop, MapReduce, Cassandra, HBase, MongoDB, Spark, Strom, and Scala are the most in-demand platforms for processing of Big Data, there are thousands of jobs generated every month. Most companies across the globe are seeking for professionals who can be productive from Day 1and hold proficiency in managing high data volumes.

It effectively says that: there is a lot of data, it is coming into the system rapidly, and it comes from many different sources in many different formats.

Big Data come from:

  • Internet and intranet websites across the world
  • Posts on social media websites
  • Digital pictures and videos
  • Softwares logs, cameras
  • Microphones
  • GPS Trails
  • Scans of Govt. documents
  • POS Machines and inventory control system
  • Purchase transection records
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Devices

big data analysis, big data science

Also, many apps that have huge amounts of transactional lookup data, but aren’t  doing mining of analytics on the data, are not what I’d call big data applications. Processing a purchase using credit card isn’t a big data app, event through the transaction may interact with some very large databases.

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